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Modular Rock For Games Tutorial


8 Video lectures + Bonus Content

In this tutorial series, I cover the creation of modular rock assets from start to finish.

Learn a quick and easy workflow for creating beautiful, game-ready, modular rocks that can be used to create large cliff faces.

This 8 part tutorial series will take you through 3DS MAX, Zbrush and UE4

You will learn how to quickly block out your rock in 3ds max, learn and apply some new z-brush sculpting techniques and material creation in UE4

Learn how to:

- Quickly block out an asset
- Use Dynamesh to quickly build a form in Z-Brush
- Create your own alpha brushes in Z-Brush
- Learn high-quality sculpting techniques
- How to quickly unwrap
- Poly Painting techniques and extraction
- Optimizing for game engine
- UE4 material set-up and uses

...AND more!